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Dhirendra Mishra

Dhirendra Mishra and Himanshu Shekhar Dutta graduated together from NIT Rourkela (formerly REC Rourkela). Author of Zillion Destinations, Dhirendra Mishra is an MBA from KJ Somaiya, Mumbai (India). Himanshu Shekhar Dutta is an M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur (India) and also holds an MS degree from UNT, Denton, Texas (USA).  Little did Himanshu anticipate that his college experiences would make interesting bedtime stories for his two growing sons. Over a period of time, they got addicted to the stories and liked them so much that they wanted their father to compile the stories into a book. This inRead More...

Mera Bhi Proxy Maar Dena

Books by Dhirendra Mishra & Himanshu Shekhar Dutta

The years are long gone. But many summers into the end of the memorable four-year college stint, nothing seems to have changed. Given a chance to relive or redo the four Rourkela years, not one boy will choose a life any different. Because the campus was one place where the size of your pocket holes never came in the way of partying; where how unprepared you were for “tomorrow’s” exam, never came in the way of watching “tonight’s” movie at the coll

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