Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar Kaza is the creator of The U.N.O.A.R, an upcoming fantasy book series. He was born in Tenali, India. He came from a humble economic background and worked hard in every phase of his life to reach the United States of America. He graduated from Indiana State University, where he achieved Masters degree in Electronics and Computer Technology, and he feels Terre Haute, Indiana like his hometown in the USA. He believes living is a miracle which holds many wonders and feelings like love and senses to taste, feel, see, hear and read with a memory to analyze and learn.



Books by Dilip Kumar Kaza

Bennett Galloway never thought his passion for science and physics would take him to distances that no one would ever travel. He had everything in his life – a beautiful girl, wealth and all the goods to achieve his dream. His dreams were to explore the corners of the universe and to travel in time. The man had made significant strides, and the journey was relentless toward reaching his goal.

However, he never thought his past w

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