Brig (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi,PhD

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi is a retired Brig from Pakistan Army, served 32 years. A veteran of (1971) Indo-Pak War, when he served as a liaison officer in an Infantry Division. Recipient of ‘Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)’ he had the privilege to command a field artillery regiment in a desert formation for about three years, and later commanded Divisional as well as Corps Artillery after promotion from Lt Col to Brig rank. Having served two tenures in prestigious Military Operations Directorate, GHQ from Jan 1982-May 1985 and May 1992-Jun 1994, he also held director level appointments twice. Secured first class Masters Degree in International Relations in year2000 and PhD, acquired after retirement in 2002-2007. Scrutiny of his thesis was done by two Russian scholars of repute that the University had chosen at random. Writes frequently in national and international media and attends seminars and conferences within the country and abroad on invitation. He speaks occasionally about international issues from Voice of America and Voice of Russia (now Sputnik). Has visited US, UK, Germany (twice), UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Cambodia and Switzerland (twice). An author of a book, ‘The New Great Game: Oil and Gas Politics in Central Eurasia’ published by US publisher in Feb 2008 from New York, London and Swansea, he lives in Lahore and plays golf with 16 handicaps. Dr. Makni is his acronym, comprising first capitals of each segment of his full name.

Soldier's Critique

Books by Brig (Retd) Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi,PhD

Justice’ is the most profound law of nature. Its violation introduces social imbalance which ultimately becomes the cause of societies’ demise. In the current millennium of globalization, absence of this virtue means inter/intra-states harmony and world peace stand more threatened than ever before. The author has eloquently recognized the phenomenon while discussing the prevalent national and international challenges in his op-eds and research papers. What makes the collection really interesting is, his ability to unwind the prevailing deficit of geo political transparency in different contexts every half a dozen to a couple of dozen pages. His forceful style lends very fine rhythm to the themes he picked up, each culminating generally as the threat rattler, now coming true. There have been exceptions also. For instance, his emphasis on end of oil scenario by mid-century would need reassessment in the wake of shale revolution that has led to oil and gas glut at the moment instead of perceived extreme scarcity.

The world powers that impact the global scene are committed relentlessly in power game. As a consequence, a different kind of Cold War has come to dominate the regions of instability, pivoted mainly on the economic tools and ruses. The statesmanship confronts challenges and certainly Dr. Makni has not missed them in his short and crisp narratives.

Maj Gen (retd) Rafi Ullah Khan,

Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military), Pakistan Army

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