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Dr. Riccha Dhawan Sarin

From being the college topper and multiple gold medal recipient and further topping the  All Indian combined medical services examination chief medical officer Dr Riccha Dhawan Sarin has come a long way and has been successfully juggling multiple roles simultaneously, A dedicated doctor, wife  and mother to a young child she is also an accomplished writer. She has been writing a successful blog for several years now. This book is an insight of her everyday life during the times of Lockdown during Covid 19 pandemic and the various diary entries she made and blogs she wrote during these times.  Each of her writings is a beautiful reflection of her deep insight and understanding of human behaviour and emotions and the struggles and challenges she faced at various levels during Covid times


# Don’t be a dumb pigeon

Books by Dr. Riccha Dhawan Sarin

Every ordinary has the power to become extraordinary. Covid 19 pushed the entire human race to limits way beyond they had ever imagined. The entire world faced a situation like nothing else we had ever experienced before. This book is the extraordinary and emotion filled roller coaster day to day journey   of one such ordinary doctor who each day trudged on endlessly , tirelessly , bravely  on a path during the times of covid without once letting the fear of

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