HL Dutt Saheb stood for a High degree of Excellence. He was a Role Model in Education Leadership & Management. His public persona was that of a strong determined leader. He is a charismatic personality of high degree of values & ethics. His contribution as Principal of Royal Colleges is simply great, He was simply brilliant in Funds raising. I was 12 years old when I joined Daly College, Indore in 1979 as a Govt of India Scholar in Grade VII. He was our Principal for next 04 years. New Current Dining Hall, Current Library and new Academic Blocks are his contribution in Daly College. He created Mayo Girls College in Ajmer which is currently the top most Boarding School for Girls in India. Colvin Taluqdar College, Hyderabad Public School, Daly College and Mayo College owe a lot to him. He must be honoured. A big Salute to Dutt Saheb. We eagerly wait for his Book.

-          Ashok Prasad


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Has your life ever been a proverbial bed of roses? Have you had a father who always took care of all the family’s needs? Have you had the leisure of never having to think about the future until post-graduation? Did reality wake you up?

This biography of H. L. Dutt is one such journey.

After his father’s untimely death, Dutt’s mother told him that as the eldest son it was his duty to look after the family—his sister, four brothers and mo

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