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Dyanand Raajjan

Maharashtra, India

Road To Heart is Dyanand Raajjan’s second novel published with Notion Press. A film maker, a visionary and a screenplay writer, he has directed over a dozen films and TV shows on national television and satellite channels.


He has worked with legendary directors like Hrishikesh Mukerjee and B.R. Chopra during his industry span of three decades. Dyanand directed international festivals. He currently resides in Mumbai.


Zaida and Anna were high-class call girls of Mumbai. They were pushed, rather forced into the oldest profession in the world. They were fed up and decided to end their lives several times. They cursed their fate and destiny for their life’s road was one with a dead end. But…

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Rita Khanna, a tycoon’s bewitching, pampered, rigid, stubborn daughter, falls in love with an electrifying dancer David, who is also an orphan. After marriage, David is paralysed and Rita accuses her father of taking a brutal revenge on him. Her father pleads with her saying it was an accident, but to no avail. Rita, with David, is now left stranded on the horizon.

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