For Eeshita Baidya, starting from a small town in West Bengal, life and the times paved her way to various parts of the country. Starting from the capital city – Delhi – her journey of learning, experiences and independence started as a student of media studies. From north, she travelled to the IT capital in the south, for completing her further studies. From there, running the mad rat-race of the corporate world, she reached Mumbai. From the city that never sleeps, she learns to dream, aspire and crave for exploring further and beyond. In her small little ways, she conquers, achieves and also fails while fulfilling her dreams, in both her professional and personal life. Experiences, cultures and beliefs of all the cities and places she has travelled to and lived in, had a major influence in building her into the person she is today. Calling her a north Indian or a south Indian or even a Bengali would be understating her introduction. She is just another – what we all are – a human being brimming with humane glories and flows like we all do. Read More...

The Kitchen Window

Books by Eeshita

Love. Lust. Betrayal.

The three most frequent milestones of the youth, in their journey of life. But when Riya takes the same path in her early twenties, she marks two more milestones beyond these. She explores mysteries much deeper into the simple daily actions of life like cursing and blessing, and finally ends up discovering the existence of a master plan behind all human actions and emotions, which is way beyond our control.

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