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Ekant Babani

Ekant Babani is an award-winning filmmaker from Mumbai, India. Having been a part of the entertainment industry for over two decades, Ekant has directed shows for National Geographic, MTV, and UTV to name a few. He also directed a full-length feature film titled Famous Pandey in 2016, four short films and a couple of web series for prominent OTT players. Creation is synonymous with Ekant; be it is amateur music, storytelling, filmmaking, and now, writing a book, he does it all. He loves to create something quirky. Although full of wit and humour, none of his work depicts his personality. It’Read More...

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Books by Ekant Babani

Have you ever experienced a life-threatening moment? A spooky encounter? A car crash? Or maybe just all of them? Well, I did. I experienced all of the above and much more during my teenage years. And I didn’t plan any of them, they just happened. Strangely, these weird occurrences always happened when I met my cousin Aatish. Passing it off as a mere coincidence initially, I couldn’t help but believe there was something wrong and that a fuse went off every

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