Follen A Miroh

Follen A Miroh (Bolen Miroh) : He wrote this book in the hope of making it the mirror of today’s society, where lots of children go through mental harassment because of their parents. This causes them to be seen as outcasts, and pushes them down the wrong path. Bolen believes that when a marriage fails, it only not affects the parents, but also their children. He says that one shouldn’t trap themselves where they are doomed to die, and that one shouldn’t be afraid to walk out. This world is not confined, and Bolen believes that one should believe in themselves. He believes, a brave heart opens the most beautiful path, which could be of Materialistic world and of the Non Materialistic world. He believes that just being born a human doesn’t make a person, a human by soul. There is a bridge of love which one has to cross to become a human. Read More...

Little Piece of Peace

Books by Follen A Miroh

Vyaam lives a life of great gloom and difficulty in a broken home. His father’s drunkenness and violent ways puts his mother’s life in danger. The situation forces Vyaam to stay at home, and he gives up his ambitions to pursue his higher studies.

In order to cope with the demands of life, he escapes into a dream world to meet Zuwin, his oldest friend. He escapes to a desolate place to meet with two friends of his, Kennedy and Newton – the former be

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