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Geeta Bedi

Geeta is a Mumbai based writer and painter who has been writing, primarily to express the inspiration and guidance flowing through her over the years. As life unfolded, bringing along unforeseen and some significantly unbearable challenges, she kept writing as a means of release which led to certain mystical aspects getting unveiled in the process.

Spiritual is the only way each one is living, she is convinced. All the experiences one goes through temporarily emerge from the infinite. There’s nothing one can do to change anything happening in this cosmic impersonal yet seemingly personal movie, is her take on it. For her, based on her life experiences so far, Buddha’s quote, ‘Events happen, deeds are done, there is no individual doer thereof’ holds true leading her to personally trust that ‘choice’ is an event too. Her work touches aspects of both ultimate and apparent realities… realities which blend beautifully to make our lives rich in experience.

She is grateful for the wheel of life turning to reach a point where this opportunity to showcase her work has presented itself.

The images in this book are from a collection of her own brushwork.


Poetic Hues

Books by Geeta Bedi

Soul in a human garb,

Still on the path,

Still stumbling,

Still learning,

Only solace now is,

It’s happening without grumbling.

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