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Gita Ashok was born in Delhi but because she grew up in an Army family, she moved every two to three years to a new state in India. A frequent motif of her childhood was the large parties organized by her parents, in which professional staff and caterers would buy and prepare local specialty food from scratch. The variety of dishes, drawn from the many areas in which she lived, inspired Gita to want to try to do something similar herself. As an adult, Gita continued the theme of hosting parties and professional cooking, but this time she was the chef. While in India, she along with two of her friends started “Pack a Snack”-a restaurant service which catered for large and small parties, as well as take away food for hungry office goers. She left this behind when she and her husband moved to the United Arab Emirates. Now whenever she visits her family in the United States, Gita still loves to cook for her children and grandchildren. It was their idea that she share those recipes with others. The result is this recipe book, packed with recipes for snacks, curries dals, chutneys and desserts which are highly nutritious, yet easy to prepare.

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