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Hulash Jangir

 Huli,32,  wants to become a writer. He loves to write poems and stories.  He starts writing this book since 2018 and now completed. This is his first book. When Huli had submitted a article after due date to his office, his article was refused to be published. Then he started writing poems and wanted to publish his own book.

Huli likes his name because in Kannada language it means ‘Tiger’. He has a son and loves him very much. 

Huli has written the story of Manish and his mother's life (Manish has a story about his love and his mother's love for him and his mother's struggle) and wants to tell everyone through his book. 

Huli now wants to write books of other true and love stories.

Huli lives in Nagaur, Rajasthan.

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द अनकंडीशनल लव

Books by हुली

पिता के देहांत के बाद माँ के पास कुछ भी नहीं बचा था, जो जमा पूंजी थी वो पिताजी की बीमारी के ईलाज के चलते खत्म हो गयी थी। अब एक खेत बचा था, माँ की आखिरी उम्मीद लेकिन वो भी अब बिक चुका था

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