Ishaan Kumbkarni

Ishaan Kumbkarni is a psychology major living in Chandigarh and he recently fulfilled his life long dream of referring to himself in third person. He has already published a book and he uses his blog to unleash his literary might upon the ten people who follow it. Over the course of his life he has achieved excellence in academic under achievement and passing off the inability to talk to people, stemming from unnecessarily harbored inferiority complexes as emotional high-headedness and general indifference towards humanity. He is an overweight former college drop out who loves listening to Ed Sheeran’s love-mongering masquerading as music. He has healthy eating habits; he likes his pizza thin crust. Read More...

The Futility of Trying

Books by Ishaan Kumbkarni

The Futility of Trying is an assortment of poems that revolve around a central character. By the time one reaches around the twentieth poem, one can identify him as a 20-something guy with insecurities, grandiose delusions about love, identity crises and confusion; (the things that generally come with being 20 something) when read between the lines. The poet has infused his love for nature and the difficulty he has in acceptance of the reality of the external

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