Jyothsna, Malaya, Radhakrishnan

Jyothsna Sravanthi works at Tata Consultancy Services. She is curious and zealous to appreciate how different things fall in the right place when we realize the bigger picture. She is interested in anything that has to do with dark chocolate, kulfi, less spicy food, impromptu travel, photography, watercolors, pencil sketches, dance, music, drama, films, languages, sciences and mathematics.

 Malaya Rout works as a principal in data science with Verizon India in Chennai. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta. He has worked with TCS and LatentView Analytics in the earlier part of his career. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge and insights on various analytics topics with colleagues and budding data scientists. He is a wonderful, light-hearted and patient trainer of analytics.

 Radhakrishnan Guhan works as a data scientist with Tata Consultancy Services in Chennai. He has a bachelor’s in physics and a master’s in information technology. In his free time, Radhakrishnan loves solving real-world problems. His primary focus is to improve road safety using a spectrum of technologies such as ML, CV, IOT, AI and AR. You can reach him through his linked-in profile if you are interested in implementing road safety solutions across the country/globe.


Data Science Building Blocks

Books by Jyothsna Sravanthi, Malaya Rout, Radhakrishnan Guhan

Data Science Building Blocks is a result of the authors’ many years of industry experience in data science and their various interactions with learners whose conversations also figure in this content. The book is aimed at familiarising aspirants and beginners with the basics of data science. These building blocks will help you build your analytics dream house. When it is done, don’t forget to invite us and share your success story over a c

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Aryan is the perfect student and the perfect child. He is set for all the successes of life. Or is he? Life has different plans for him. Find out from the book what happens! Doesn’t everybody have a bit of Aryan-ness?

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Say The Unsaid Through Analytics


We promise that this book will go a long way to kindle your imagination on certain chosen topics of analytics. For the aspiring or budding data scientists, this will provide a healthy platform to think, debate, disagree and finally learn the message each topic has to convey. At times the authors have skillfully crafted out an intersection between analytics and philosophy too. This is a first-hand perspective of how analytics solutions are designed and carried

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