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Joshua D

The author is a class-9 student who likes painting, watching movies, playing music (guitar and keyboard), reading novels and screen writing. He is a Dan One level in karate and he is interested in reading about the ancient world and space research and travel.

The author is a big fan of J.K. Rowling, J.R.R Tolkien and Arthur Conan Doyle. Their stories inspired him and made him understand about honour of friends and family, that the truth always wins and that one must be brave to do what is right. Travelling, learning from ancient cultures and nature and the fact that listening to our own mind makes one go beyond the negative power of words are the factors that motivated him towards penning this story.


Tom Aharoin

Books by Joshua D

“Don’t tell anyone what I am about to tell you… last leaf.”

Tom has never heard about the last leaf till he read his Nana's letter. Odd things are happening around him. He has to go to the library and many other places to get the answer about the last leaf. There is a person trying to kill Tom and he escapes several times out of sheer luck. He has to do things before that person in order to save himself and his friends. Nothing

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