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Kamlesh - The author of the story is young in age and this is his second novel published.  His story is full of emotions and poetry. The author is highly interested describing emotions in lyrical form of writing. The poetry depicted in the story are better than expected from a newer writer who is just a novel old.

The author successfully describes the emotions of love and separation and the pain and suffering caused by it. The incidents described in the story are very minutely and effectively written. The story is a treat to the readers who like love and emotions and poetry.



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 “यूँ न जा मुझे अकेला छोड़ कर...

लौट आ, ना जा मेरा दिल तोड़ कर...

उखड्ती साँसों को थोडा थाम ले…

पास बैठी हूँ तेरे, एक बार तो मेरा नाम ले"...

इस कहानी में कुछ ही अंश व्यक्तिगत ज

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Swapn Sandesh

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(would have been given some time when the person I wanted to meet for the life time is in front of me )

Quotes of “Kamal” main character of the story at a point of time when his wish is near to come true. He wants to say but he can’t. He can’t express his feelings to others but can only feel it.

The story is a mixture of reality and fantasy but the emotions depicted in the story touches the heart of the readers and make them feel the sa

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