Kaushik Jethva

Kaushik Jethva is a twenty-three year-old human residing on planet Earth in this vast universe. He prefers his unique and peculiar manner and started his dream project – 1 Life : 7 Ways — when he was just fifteen. He insists his adolescence is full of misunderstandings and mistakes which made him strong. His dream project kick-starts with his first book — Suicide: There is  a way.



Books by Kaushik Jethva

When everything happens according to your wish, it is good. But if not, then even better, because then it happens according to the God’s wish.

Have you ever been through depression?

Have you ever faced a break-up?

Has life dragged you into loneliness overnight?

Neil Bhanushali was once desperate to commit suicide. Against his wishes, he was saved at Green Islet island by a man called Chris Brown. His 13 Points and Final Chapter theor

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