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Kaushik Tanedar

Kaushik Tanedar is a 23-year-old poet, artist and musician from Andhra Pradesh, India. His choice of writings is surreal, psychedelic, symbolic and imagery in past, present and future tones. He attempts to trip the reader’s mind by constantly framing the sentences in three different tenses: from past to future to present to past and further. He welcomes the reader to travel in his narration and art. Kaushik is doing his Master’s in English Literature and has been writing since the age of 15. His writings are traditionally written with fountainpens. As an artist himself, he believes in sincRead More...

Rhyme, Rhythm and Hue

Books by Kaushik Tanedar

Our hearts have crossed palaces, cosmic women and broken precious hearts. The work takes you to the places we have been year by year, month by month and day by day. 

Our mirrored hearts have been convicted, they had no right to ask and lost absolute control…

Thought by thought, the book carries a series of events sincere hearts have experienced in the favour of creation that passed by truth and reached the ruins. 

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