Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar Shimbara works for a large IT multi-national company and lives in Hyderabad along with his family. He is an occasional writer and a few of his articles have also been published in a leading daily and a magazine. His writings are inspired from real life incidents. His other interests include travelling, listening to music, little bit of reading and quizzing. To interact or share your views on the book, visit https://www.facebook.com/thegamechangersfiction. Or Email: thegamechangersfiction@gmail.com. Website: www.thegamechangersfiction.com Read More...

The Game Changers

Books by Kiran Kumar

Suman, a compassionate teenage beauty and a dream girl of every boy is in steady pursuit of her life’s goals when she runs into a young beggar girl and the purpose of her life changes.

During her eventful journey, she crosses paths with two headstrong and extremely patriotic youth.

One is an ardent supporter of a separate state movement and is hell-bent upon achieving the seemingly impossible.

The other is a giant volcano full of aggress

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