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Goa, India

A dreamer from childhood, Krishnaraj always had stories to tell but was indolent to pen them down, like many of us. Threads of stories were stacked up in word files in his computer, escaping termite attacks until his routine life made him venture out to make a world of words, create life in books, and complete his first novel. Krish builds characters and situations taking inspiration from real life, adds a good blend of imagination, and creates tales untold, without breaking the limits of logic. Hailing from a middle-class family in Kerala, Krish is himself Sainik School educated, and is fiercely passionate about the armed forces. Besides being a writer, Krish is a traveler, avid reader, movie buff, debater, and sports fan. He is enthusiastic about events happening around him and writes about society, politics and the armed forces on social media.


Do you know Jeevan who Loved Nancy? Jeevan, a Sainik School educated young army officer has been a fighter from childhood. However, he chooses not to fight the emotional pain he endures and finds addiction in that pain when he loses his childhood love, Nancy. Dragging his life in the army routine, Jeevan gets posted to Kashmir, where he gets an unexpected phone call from his former colleague and friend, Rehman. For Jeevan, life is not the same anymore. It sends him down a trail of mysterious events embroiled in the dirty game of politics and terror. The soldier in Jeevan is tried and tested even while the lover in him is pining for his lost love. Remember, this is not a melodramatic sweet love story that you have read over and over again!!! ...

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