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Satish verma

Sh kewal Krishna ji is the fully realized saint who incarnated on this earth on 1st August, 1939 for the emancipation of mankind. Since childhood he had the noble mission to guide the people regarding how to follow the path of truthfulness while performing all household duties and also attaining material, moral and intellectual wellbeing. As an inspiration to masses, he himself lived an exemplary life and proved that it is very much possible for a house hold to attain spiritual perfection while performing all duties and responsibilities. He always remained truthful and one in his thought, action and speech. Due to truthfulness he achieved so much mastery over his speech that every word which he utters, even in pleasure, comes true. Throughout his life he worked tirelessly for the upliftment of people – be it physically, mentally or spiritually. He never cared about his own health or physical or material condition but bestowed the best knowledge and guidance to whosoever comes. He used to say that True Realization is not the property of some Math Adhipati or Acclaimed Guru or person having the seat of power but is the birth right of every Individual and we must really have it.

He always guides his disciples and common masses to become the master of their instincts and senses, so that their mind may proceed towards right direction which has to realize its actual position to become Ayodhya pati Ram or Trilokinath viz physically morally and mentally strong. The Upliftment of Mind is possible through systematic and regular chanting of AUM (a realized technique or Yukti) for 5-10 minutes, on a bad conductor with a straight backbone. This would definitely pave the way for Kundalini i.e Mind, lying dormant at Muladhar, to awaken due to AUM’S vibration and proceed and follow the path of sushmana (sacred channel) to reach its actual home at “Trikuti”(lying between forehead) . On reaching ‘Trikuti’ an Individual mind becomes universal mind (Theactual lord Rama) and becomes all powerful divine force which shines like hundred luminous suns. This is the source for self which is dependent on sound and light to turn as soul – the bearer of sound and light.

The whole teachings of Dr. Sahib are based on their 100% realized practical experiences on truth and not the knowledge attained through reading of scripture and Religious Books. Whenever and wherever, he used to apprise the Satsangies through his own words (Vachana ) – Realized on the path of Truth and not the words written in so many scriptures or manmade Religions(Pra vachana). He says that truth is a jewel which only few can wear. He always advised to make truth as Guru, guide or a friend and insisted on to follow the truth in all conditions of life to realize one’s self to be soul and not the body of five elements. 

According to Krishna ji, the true realization always comes from within. No amount of pooja path, yagya havan, worshipping of imaginary Gods and Godesses can ever take us even an inch towards self-realization. For self-realization we have to turn inwards and read our inner book. Then only we can realize our true self and exclaim in joy ‘So Aham’ (I am he) and bathe in the nectar of eternal peace and supreme bliss. 

His Holiness always insisted upon to shun all dogmas, irrationality, waywardness, prejudices, superstitions, illogical unscientific Rituals and the blind faith which is developed due to pre conceived ideas, which defy a disciple of all logics and reasoning and creates hindrance in developing scientific temperament and free enquiry, to realize the truth. He never bowed before any corrupt authority or seat of power and always called spade a spade. He called young generation to specially come forward and take the form of Arjuna (Males) and Ranchandi (Females) to fight corrupt leaders and fake gurus who are looting the material wealth and character of innocent masses through creating sense of fear and propagating superstitions and Blind faith to meet their own end.. 

He has taught his disciples about the oneness of God i.e everything pervading in God (Parmatma) and God (Parmatma) permeating in everything. He further guides to see one’s own self in all and to treat and behave with everyone in the same way as we want ourselves to be treated, is the true spirituality indeed. He always says that I ‘the Krishna’ (soul) is also present even in insect of drain and treat it as my own self. 

Dr. Sahib always apprised their Satsangies about the taming of Mind rather than Killing or Subduing it as Mind is the first born child of soul having all the qualities of its Father. Moreover Mind is the actual Lord Rama which is 14 kala sampoorna(complete in 14 attributes) while as Soul is Krishna and is complete in 16 attributes( 16 Kala Sampoorna). Thus there is not a big difference between Mind and Soul and Mind which requires to be emancipated through regular enchanting of Aum so that it realizes its true potential and may not become the slave of instincts and senses. AUM’s regular enchanting develops the mental faculties of an Individual which helps a person to attain Wisdom. 

Dr. Sahib not only worked for curing mental cancer but also worked on ground to kill the physical cancer as well through his research on its treatment and tests which he conducted on his own body rather than on others so that other creatures may not get affected due to side effects of medicines, if tests got conducted on them. Ultimately, he led to the foundation of cancer Research institute namely Shri Krishna Ayurvedic Cancer Reseach Institute, Kurushetra and functioned as its Director. He saved many valuable lives due to his hard labour and the large numbers of people who are treated by His Holiness are still living a very healthy life. 

Dr. Krishna ji left his mortal body on 5th October, 2013. He always says that I will remain omnipresent even after destruction of my physical body. The present set of articles which are written by his holiness for the emancipation of mankind are presented before you all, as they are, so that the gems which are dropped by the yug avatar his holiness Brahmleen sh. Dr. kewal Krishna ji may reach every corner of the universe, and so that the sincere and true devotees of spirituality may swallow them. This will definitely take them to the final destination of God realization. 

Sh Vikram Singh 

Executive member 

SAS, India



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