Krishna Daksh

Krishna Daksh Vishwakarma is a student having curious lure in stuffs of general knowledge, quizzing and questioning. He has been studying and working on a string of events, discoveries, personalities and happenings, drawing the most thought-provoking particulars from his small explores at plenty themes. He writes and shares his fascinating finds through his blogs, books and at social platforms.


1.There has been only one law unchanged in the cricket rules even after frequent amendments. What is it? 2.Name the four animals on the Indian national emblem. 3.In the list of buildings in India with the maximum floor space, which building ranks first? 4.A village in Kutch district of Gujarat is the western-most inhabited village in India and has the western-most point in India. Name it. 5.Which is the only part of the human body to accept oxygen directly from the atmosphere? 6.It was here that Mahabharata was recited for the first time ever to man by Vaishampayana, a pupil of Veda Vyasa. Which place? 7.He is considered as National Teacher of India and the spiritual successor of Maha...

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