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Kriti Twin

Kriti Twin is a blessed soul narrating unheard-of solutions for your worldly success & spiritual well being with awe inspiring healing techniques. A multi tasker for anything creative and workable she has dealt with Insurance Providers, Courier Services, Banking, Hiring, Credit facilities, Payment Gateways, making Website besides bonsais and paintings.

Raised in Chandigarh with frequent change of locations in India and abroad have given her a wider perspective towards human sentiments. Each person is a gem of a being and can bring about major changes in life using the right techniques.


Alchemy in theory is turning lead into gold. Alchemy in real life can be practised to convert yourself into an exalted human being by redesigning your insights & perceptions.


The Best is You

Books by Kriti Twin

Do you have those golden keys of turning negatives into positives? The keys are here for you to take home now.

It is one of the fastest growing trends across the world meant to achieve success and let you maintain your hold there.

Based on experiences for over two decades from different parts of the globe.

All work in this world calls for relationships with people and how you perform in those associations with a cool and calculated mind keepi

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