Indie Author Championship #6

Kuunal Saraff

National Award Winner; Public Speaker
National Award Winner; Public Speaker

Mr. K SARAFF is a graduate from New Delhi. During his college days, he began his work with a publication firm, where he wrote books on BBA. Then, he developed a mobile application for senior citizens to make Internet surfing easier for them. He moved to Kolkata and opened an NGO for emergency blood donation and mass awareness of the cause . He is an entrepreneur, social worker and an author, all in one.Read More...

What Do You Want To Do

Books by K Saraff

'What Do You Want To Do' is a question we all have heard growing up and most of us were not sure of it's answer ever? Some people spend their entire lives to ascertain the right thing for themselves and still do not have the right one. This is a story of a boy who is looking to find the right answer to this question and uses all sorts of techniques from astrology to rituals pleasing Gods, to visiting various holy sites and yet is not able to get the right thin

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How an iPhone made me the youngest billionaire

Books by Kunal Saraff

Destiny conspires with hard-work to create what he deserved. Based on a true story where the author incurs many failures in life but believes that failure comes to those who deserve something bigger. He continuously fails in many entrepreneurial ventures but his attitude towards great sayings keeps him going. Despite not having the best of qualifications, he defies the rule and the common notion that only qualified make it large. Common beliefs of the masses h

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