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Ameek Sarkar, Kumar Shantnu

Ameek Sarkar and Kumar Shantnu are school friends and best buddies. While Ameek works as a software engineer and a freelance web designer in Pune, Kumar is an investment banker in Ludhiana. Despite being in different lines of work, they had a passion and flare for writing, which has not diminished. During their leisure, which included cycling into the wilderness or backpacking across India, they continued to share ideas, which were transformed into poems and short stories and published in their respective blogs. Ameek has assisted in many stories and screenplays for movies and is a member of tRead More...

Emotional Pollution

Books by Ameek Sarkar, Kumar Shantnu

The pollution that keeps you alive…

Shri is a brilliant student who has just moved to a new school. He meets Chankya, a normal school boy, who is struggling to pass his grades. The two of them strike up an unlikely friendship, making fun of their classmates who were going through emotional turmoil of teenage love, hate, jealousy, and the stupidity arising thereof. As fate would have it, they are somehow caught in the web of the same teenage emotions.

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