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Kumar Bhardwaj

Kumar Bhardwaj is an educated and seasoned entrepreneur turned author. He is a fossil of experience and life. His first-hand experience in trainings and motivation amplified his thought to create something unique which actually addresses and solves the issues of a common man. He mostly emphasizes on and is concerned about unethical practices and social issues related to relationship, family, business, food and so on. He loves nature and simplicity and has a strong bonding with Hindu mythology and patriotism. His every book and story has a hidden message for the society which can help individuaRead More...

भटकती दुनिया बिखरते लोग

Books by कुमार भारद्वाज

पुस्तकों और कहानियों को पढना, सिर्फ एक मनोरंजन नहीं, बल्कि समाज, देश और खुद की मदद का आधार भी है, जिसका निर्णय इस बात से होता है, की आप पढ़ते क्या है ? सूरज उगने से चन्द्रमा के चमकने तक

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