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Kundavi Sandrasegaran

Kundavi Sandrasegaran is a fifty-three-year-old homemaker in a large joint family living in Kuala Lumpur as well as in Chennai. She was born in Vellam, Tamil Nadu but grew up in Andhra Pradesh and Goa as her late father worked in fertilizer factories there. She has a master’s degree in organic chemistry (Bombay University) and a diploma in creative writing course (Australian College). She is married to a Malaysian Indian and has three college-going children. From a carefree happy childhood in a nuclear family of six in Goa, the flight to an arranged marriage into a large conservative family continues to be a richly educative experience for her with many stories to tell. Now with more time on her hands she wants to pen stories for children, and share the simple joys and pleasures of her own happy childhood and the lessons life is teaching her every day.

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