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Lakshmi Devnath

Lakshmi Devnath is a well-known writer on Carnatic music and other aspects of Indian culture. She has commendable knowledge of Sanskrit as well. Her deeply-researched articles find a place in prestigious publications such as The Hindu, Sruti and Sri Nrisimhapriya. Her body of work includes such diverse subjects as composers of Carnatic music, texts on Indian music philosophers and saints of India, and the Vedas, among others. Lakshmi’s passion is to familiarize the young with India’s glorious cultural heritage through innovative and exciting writing that appeals to their lively imagination. To this end, she has authored Sargam, a series of short stories that unveil milestones in the evolution of Carnatic music, and Poorva: Magic, Miracles and the Mystical Twelve, a contemporary retelling of literary hagiology. Her ongoing graphic series on Carnatic music legends, endearingly titled Pictures of Melody, is another path- breaking initiative. Lakshmi’s other books include A Class Apart, the biography of renowned educationist Dr. (Mrs.) Y. G. Parthasarathy, and An Incurable Romantic: The Musical Journey of Lalgudi Jayaraman. Both became runaway successes, requiring multiple reprints. An Incurable Romantic was sold out even before the official book launch. Lakshmi’s ability to write with ease on a variety of subjects and for diverse age groups has won her wide admiration. She is currently engaged in penning the much-awaited Poorva sequel, Poorva in the Vedic Age. Read More...


Books by Lakshmi Devnath

Wrapped up years roll themselves out as eleven-year-old Poorva whisks through centuries to enter the bygone era of twelve Vishnu devotees of South India, collectively described as the Azhvars. The miracles that she witnesses in their lives leave her speechless while her own journey has her bemused. She finds herself walking through solid walls and riding limpid clouds. Animals and birds offer her company. A Wishing Food Tree floors her with its sumptuous fare

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