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Leila Dutt Sen

Leila Dutt Sen was born in Calcutta, India, in 1945, to a Bengali father and an Armenian/Greek/Coptic mother. With her father in the army, she went back and forth between boarding schools and day schools, attending Loreto Convents, Lucknow, Darjeeling and Calcutta. She completed her education in Loreto House College, Calcutta. As a child her favorite pastime was adventuring into the world of books and, encouraged by the nuns at school, she turned her vivid flights of fancy into her own colorful stories and poems. With her love for natural beauty and all things whimsical, she has put together two collections of poetry titled Canticles and Faerie Gossip & Faerie Song. Her poetry has won America’s Best, two years running. Her children's book, The Enchanted Land of Far-Beyond is soon to be published, and she has recently completed her first adult novel, The Aegis of Kali: 1939-1945, A Time of Love & War, based on the true story of her parents during the Second World War. Leila lives in San Francisco, USA, with her husband, Ronjon, and their rescued cats. Their home is a lovely old Victorian house called “Storybook Cottage.”

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