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Lipi Rachh

Imperfections is a personal manifestation of what everybody calls 'revocation of the true self.' The adventure has been dynamic and priceless. Its description might even fall short of words. The central theme of Imperfections is to accept our flaws. I was never an ideal student growing up. All my life what I actually considered to be my weaknesses actually turned out to be my strengths. They said I got 'distracted' with small things, I changed it to 'inspired' and started writing stuff about the most minor things that my eyes met; they said I 'overreacted', I started expressing my anguishes inRead More...


Books by Destiny

Years and years of back and forth with the same guy; fate verily fancies hilarity, doesn't it? This is the story of a nescient young girl who finds her way back to the Creation by discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. From the destruction of former belief systems to learning new ways of perceiving existence, welcome aboard on a journey of ardor, dalliance, bedlam, and edification.

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