M S Neelakantan

M S Neelakantan, known as Neel to his family and friends, was born & brought up in Ahmedabad (1965–1986). An alumnus of The St Xavier's High School (Loyola Hall) - Ahmedabad and The Institute of Hotel Management-Ahmedabad, Neel has extensive experience in both - the industry and corporate world. But he found his true calling as a teacher at IHM Pusa, New Delhi (1989–1994).Definitely not a man of few words, Neel thrives on discussions, debates and humour. A committed food connoisseur, Neel has also researched and compiled the culinary history of Palakkad Tamil Brahmins along with his wife.

Love, Affection and Respect

Books by M S Neelakantan

Love, Affection and Respect is a book that makes you pick up the phone and call your favourite teacher. A simple but beautifully written memoir, the narrative takes you down the memory lane with Neelakantan, a teacher at an Institute in New Delhi. The bonds he built with his students, while he was a teacher remained with him beyond the confines of the Institute. As the students graduated and left the portals of the campus, Neelakantan thought he would be forgotten, only to be proven wrong. His influence resulted in two students naming their son Neil in his honor. His students were always there for him no matter where they landed up: some as high flying professionals in the hotel industry, some as lawyers, journalists, humanitarian workers, and some in the middle of personal tragedies. They always rose to the occasion, and went out of their way to be there for a teacher they loved and respected when he needed their support the most in the midst of a personal tragedy. Replete with nostalgic reminiscence and a writing style and eloquence that takes you back to the nineties.

He walks on the path as a real teacher would-mentoring, caring and unconditionally supporting his students. These memoirs are a must-read for any reader, of any age and inclination.

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