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Spiritual Entrepreneur | Scientist | Friend
Spiritual Entrepreneur | Scientist | Friend

MAHADEV - The Unknown One. The future is in darkness and I am the darkest of all. I have seen the future as I am the past, present, and future of all. There is no greater truth than me nor is there any science. Because I am the absolute truth and I am the absolute science. I am the one who is not. To know more about me, visit - observe deep inside you or read this book of my life known as ‘Mahaved’ now.Read More...


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This book is the complete theoritical of everything including nothing. The complete cosmic truth and the complete cosmic science. It’s a journey beyond self, a journey beyond blackhole and bigbang into ocean of love known as nothingness. 

The purpose of this book of life is to make you ‘realize’ 
your true identity. The true happiness, the eternal joy hidden deep inside you. It is the manu

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