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Mahesh Kumar is an author who has deep and open minded thoughts on social, economic issues and the value of life. He has written eleven short stories and five plays, during his Banking Carrier. Ek Aprichit Ki Dairy was published after his retirement. He has been through Countless up & downs in life. Happiness does not overflow, and sorrows do not displace him. He has lost his younger son during his banking career. Once the tragedy struck it seemed as if life has ended for him. But he controlled himself and reorganized his family. He believes in hope and is eager to be successful.

Sunhara Samapan

Books by Mahesh Kumar

Adhuri Report : He was a fraudulent property dealer. He not only stole the hard-earned and well-saved money of a professor, who was nearing his retirement age, but also broke the professor’s faith and belief into fragments. The professor approached his pupil for help. He instead handed the professor over to another covetous and greedy pupil. In the meantime the professor’s wife expired watching her hopes crumbling. His aging body and the duplicity of the society did not discourage professor’s self-confidence. He decided to reclaim that which was taken from him. He also promised to fulfill his wife’s desires and dreams.

A devoted police officer returned home after submitting the final reports of six murder cases to his superiors. He got a message on his mobile. He becomes pale. Had he submitted incomplete report to his superior? This story is packed with humanity, incidents, thrill and suspense.

AHSAS APNO KA – They were living life with the rainbow’s colors. One day early in the morning, they read a shocking news report about their only son. He was a police officer and had lost his life at the hands of naxalites. They fainted and dropped into a coma for thirty-six months. After regaining their senses, they felt they had been ruined by their own near and dear ones. By the time Ravi, a young boy, not only gave them shelter but also helped them get back to their lives. He was brought up by them and they helped him be independent. This is a story of the present socio-economic environment. This is a story about fragmented relationships on one side and propagating new hopes on the other. This story gives us- AHSAS APNO KA.*

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Ek Aparichit Ki Diary

Books by Mahesh Kumar

It is a time in the lives of a young boy and a girl – when they come closer to each other and their dreams reach the limitless skies. After some time, they face social and economic crises. Life becomes difficult. The hero of this story loses everything – he loses his love and his loving father.

In the meantime, his wife’s father is murdered and he is accused of that murder. His life becomes chaotic. Suddenly, he decides to fight the situation. Few people of different occupations come to his rescue and finally with their help he settles everything.

The hero maintains a diary throughout. After reading his diary readers loves him and hope to have such a son.

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