Moynaak Sarkar

A marketing enthusiast and a hardcore musician at heart, Moynaak Sarkar, is a post graduate from IIM Udaipur. A drive for constant creativity and hunger for technology innovations has inspired and encouraged him to turn his focus onto creative writing. He is passionate about cricket, music, science, multiverses, acting and singing. He plays the guitar, tabla and the drums. He believes he is a jack of all trades but master of none. He is versatile and dexterous.



Born in the far north-eastern state of Assam and being one of the Cottonians, he adapted well to life by travelling, studying and working in various parts of India. He keeps wondering about the divided world and the magical connections that we humans share. This particular awakening led him to think about Time. He believes that time cannot be owned but it can be spent. It is priceless and never ending. But each and every one of us is trapped into the illusions of time is what he suggests. This very concept went into ideation and he came up with the Mysticism Trilogy. Let him know what you think by mailing him at moynaak.s@gmail.com.


The Rise of Lord dDamon

Books by Moynaak Sarkar

Are we alone in the Universe? We live in Multiverses, and in a mirrored world. We are oblivious to the Shadow World that exists within and among us. The Red Society is a secret institution that controls the Shadow Economy and Shadow Politics of the world since life began on Earth. The Society breached the contract with the rise of the Demi God, Lord dDamon, around three million years ago. He led the Red Society and revolted against the One Designer, Messiah an

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