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Manaswini Jois

Manaswini Jois is an upcoming, passionate author with insightful stories to share. She is the author of the book, The Unconventional Choices, a former marketing executive and the editor-in-chief of a digital magazine. Born and brought up in Bangalore, she decided to take the road not taken, not be a part of the IT hub and went to a business school. She is also a travel and adventure enthusiast. Furthermore, she is an avid reader, reviewer, blogger/vlogger and social media influencer. Thoughtful journeys, expanding horizons and fresh perspectives can be reflected through her books. She has opinRead More...

Crime of Camouflage

Books by Manaswini Jois

Bay City was finally in peace and set free from mysterious disappearances and killings when the psychopathic serial killer behind them was caught and sentenced to death. But what happens when the dreadful monster comes back and mysterious killings continue? If death couldn’t stop him, what or who can? 

Ansal, the son of a powerful man; Mukta, the coy daughter-in-law; Nisha, a dedicated police officer; Nathan, a stranger who likes to poke around; the

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