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Manjunath Dattatreya

Executive coach and Writer
Executive coach and Writer

Manjunath Dattatreya is a Mythology enthusiast and has written this book with an intention of progressively reinterpreting the stories of our ancient past for the current generation. He has served in various senior management roles specializing in Corporate Strategy, Organizational Design, Leadership Development, Mergers and Acquisitions for organizations across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.  Manjunath is an Alumni of St Joseph’s Indian High School, Malnad College of Engineering and MIT Sloan School of Management. He is an executive coach and a career counselor.Read More...


Books by Manjunath Dattatreya

What do you look for in a mythological story?  Tales of love?  War? Scandal?  Sacrifice?  Success and failure?  Pleasure and pain?  Life and death? This book isn’t just a collection of tales but collective wisdom of ancient Rishis seen through the prism of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. 


The book narrates some fascinating untold stories from  Suryavamsha, the Kshatriya clan that built Ayodhya, also known as the Invincible City. It

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