Manoj Kumar

Vishakapatnam, India

I live in the life of my dreams. I'm not grey or winter fog, I like thunders in the summer sky . My yesterdays are lie and I'm the only truth in that beautiful lie


‘With you’ is a story of love, romance and suspense. Manu is a medico from a reputed medical college. His life is going nowhere until he meets Janu, who sweeps him off his feet at the very first look. He is instantly attracted to her, befriends her and finally proposes to her. Janu accepts him and life is like a fairy tale until the day Janu’s parents come to know about their love. Finally, Janu’s parents insist on her severing the relationship. After three years of painful separation, Manu sees Janu in the central plaza one day. Memories rise from the sands of his past and haunt him again. He swings between his past and present. Twist in the tale comes when Janu is hospitalized ...

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