Indie Author Championship #6

Mishri Parekh


Apart from being a physiotherapist, Mishri Parekh is deeply interested in philosophy and art. She believes that the very form of a person’s existence is undeniably the most grateful thing in itself. During her time in lockdown in Bhavnagar, where she resides, she got this idea to pen down her feelings and decided to make her debut as an author of a self-help book. She aims to uplift an individual to their best self possible to live a life they truly deserve. Along with this, painting her emotions out on a canvas is her go-to thing. She is a twenty-two-year-old life coach with a head full of Read More...


Books by Mishri Parekh

YOU is a definite marker for who you are and what you can be. As humans, we have built this tendency to blame our failures on destiny or the people around us. This surely stops us from unleashing our immense capabilities. YOU is a guide that helps you take your own responsibility, no matter what. It places an unimaginable emphasis on how to remove your self-limitations to be a better version of yourself. Ignorance, dependency or the attitude of blaming might s

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