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Mithu Bhar

Mithu Bhar has spent her life living in the glorious city of Kolkata, imbibing and absorbing everything the city has to offer; its culture, heritage, literature and education. She embodies the eclectic mix that is Kolkata itself. Mithu is widely travelled, and it can well be said that exploring new lands is her passion. Her interests lie in literature, history and art. The Spiritual Dawn of Bengal is Mithu’s first book.Read More...

The Spiritual Dawn of Bengal

Books by Mithu Bhar

The book explores the history of the 19th century Bengal renaissance from a spiritual point of view. Based on chronological facts, but not with dates and references, it is a heavy reading material. It includes interesting anecdotes of contemporary people and episodes to make the matter light and easy to read. The history of these various places important to these episodes is then traced to the 21st Century to narrate how they have shaped up today to provide su

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