Tushar Kanti Bhattacharya

The author, born in 1954, is an ex-college teacher from West Bengal, India. His field of interest is old Bengali and Hindi films, Indian music and hills. His literary habit, having its beginning in writing love letters, produced many academic papers and non-academic compositions, including a book of poems in Bengali. His observations in the society usually move around the problems of women and they happen to be the central point of most of his works. His interest in the problems and position of women in the society provokes him to look for solutions. The present work is not an exception to this.


Books by Tushar Kanti Bhattacharya

Aphros tries to redraw the Indian culture that manifests love, harmony and wisdom. It emphasizes that a woman who is forced to face traditional abuse must know and believe that she has the power to get over the phase and live with self-respect. Otherwise the human species will soon get extinct. Though often a woman is seen to be a victim of “social” and “antisocial” injustice, it’s oftener true that a woman’s love develops the dreams and aspirations of a man’s life and gives life to his creations. Aphros, however,portrays the reverse truth that it’s only the love of a man that makes a woman complete, by appreciating her treasures and channelising her potentialities.

With equal blend of humour and melancholy, Aphros narrates several deaths, but conveys the message that death itself is not evil. The book speaks in favour of the quality of life glorified by death. So Aphros should not be considered a flat tragedy.

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