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Mridul Dhingra

Mridul Dhingra(birth year 1990) lives with his family in Naraingarh  town of Ambala district in haryana. His academic record has been very excellent. He has done M.A. and M.phil in history from Kurukshetra University. Writing has been his passion from childhood.His writings have been published in many newspapers and magazines.Besides writing, he has keen interest in reading also. Presently he has been working as an assistant professor of history in government postgraduate College Naraingarh (Dist. Ambala).Read More...


Books by मृदुल ढींगरा

काव्य संग्रह काव्यमाला-मेरे बचपन की रचनाएं लेखक का पहला काव्य संग्रह है। इसमें कुल 50 कविताओं को शामिल किया गया है। ये कविताएं  कवि द्वारा अपने बाल्यकाल में लिखी गई थी। यद्यपि यह

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