Nandhini Manighandan

Born and brought up as a city girl, Nandhini’s work takes her from Chennai to resourceful Middle East and then to the resource-constrained Rajasthan and Africa. A nature enthusiast, paediatric physiotherapist and artist, Nandhini is passionate about the inclusion of children with special needs in society. She found her calling when she first went to Ghana for capacity building in the Government hospital in Accra as a development worker. Despite its many challenges, African people, especially children, touched her soul with unforgettable experiences.Working with children from diverse backgrounds, she explores in her debut book about the children of Africa and the inspiration that they brought to her. She paints and writes in her leisure apart from working with various international organizations such as VSO, UNDP in Ghana, Gambia and Malawi. She moves between Central Asia, Africa and India, wherever her calling takes her with her co-volunteer husband.


The Rainbow Continent

Books by Nandhini Manighandan

Contrary to the general perception about Africa, as countries plagued by war, disease and famine, The Rainbow Continent brings out the myriad goodness and soul of humanity that thrives in Africa. Even in this 21st century, Africa is home to children with a jubilant, pristine, innocent childhood, albeit with its burden of child soldiers in some countries.

This book is a must-read for development workers and anyone who is eager to know about Africa.

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