Nehal Bathia

“C is for Culture? I never knew. It’s the care and I just grew…”

Nehal is a software engineer with an MS in Computer Science. She was in the US for the past few years and recently moved to her home-city, Kolkata. She loves to read, write and browse. She is sensitive and has a creative mind. With a diverse work experience in her bag, through ‘My Desk – Blacklist’, she is trying to reach out to those who have been through similar experiences in their lives while exploring career opportunities and is trying to connect with like-minded people.


My Desk - Blacklist

Books by Nehal Bathia

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs.

My Desk – Blacklist contains my ideas, my experiences and my goals, for a probable Business degree in the near future. Having faced a lot of challenges (not to forget mistakes) and learning it the hard way, I wanted to sum up my industry experience in Software and lead myself into new and exciting territories of Business Development. My Desk – Blackl

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