Parul Wadhwa

Parul Wadhwa, author of The Masquerade is a 22 year young Delhite. She graduated from Delhi University. Parul is a teacher by profession and writer by passion. She takes delight in rich Classical Literature and fine writing. “Nothing in Life has been more right than writing this book” She says.


You can connect to her at her official Facebook fanpage. You can also write to her @parulwadhwa63@gmail.com


The Masquerade

Books by Parul Wadhwa

Myra is a sophisticated and ambitious young girl, Rishabh is any girl’s weak nerve. He is a chain smoker, She likes it. She is strong and independent girl, He likes it. He is a good debater, She loves it. She is uncensored and He loves it.

Perhaps for both of them, it’s a scary match. They saw it all from the nasty relations, vicious misunderstandings, devious prejudices, parental pressure, mental disparities, hurt pride, conventional insecurities. T

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