Pavan Tarawade

A travel enthusiast and a writer, Pavan Tarawade started to scribble down his thoughts as early as back in school. Poetry, humanitarian fiction and technical writing are some of the genres he has touched upon, but short-story writing remains his favourite. Inspired by the likes of Earnest Hemmingway and Ruskin Bond, he loves participating in short story competitions on varied topics. Fiction is the genre Pavan has chosen. Fiction because he believes the very essence of an art lies in creation. “What’s the point of being a writer, if we do not create?” he says. He enjoys photography as a pastime and is a connoisseur of coffee. Coffee and Pavan go a long way back. He doesn’t know where and when he fell in love with coffee, but yes, according to him, there isn’t a better remedy to writer’s block than a custom made mug of caffeine. Pavan is a regular blogger (pavantarawade.com) and you can browse through the menu of his work and pick the category that suits your thought buds. Read More...

Kissing frogs for a while

Books by Pavan Tarawade

Being an only child to urban Indian parents, Ayesha is being forced into getting married early. In her late twenties and nursing a heartbreak, Ayesha succumbs to the pressures put on her by her folks.

But will she be able to overcome the bitterness that love has left behind? Will she be able to forgive and forget Piyush and move forward? How many Mr. Wrongs would she have to meet to find Mr. Right, and would she even find him?

A story that reveals

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