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Pavitra Mohan

Pavitra was born in 1984, on a January morning in Chennai, India. Growing up, she spent her summer vacations in Kerala, spellbound by her grandmother’s fables. She wrote her first story when she was 6 years old. It was a recounting of ‘Vikram and Vetal’. A series based on a mythological king and a vampirical spirit, that latched on to his back, demanding to be entertained with tales. A few years later , her mother would gift her ‘1001 Arabian Nights’, a book of short stories about a Princess named Sheherzade, who would narrate stories to her king, in exchange for Read More...

Elegant Anxieties and the Magic of Heartache

Books by Pavitra Mohan

Know that,

The sky is poised,

to catch your prism eyes, 

and refract your smiles, 

Into rainbows -


If that isn't a miracle, what is?

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