Indie Author Championship #6

Pintoo Bokadia

Pintoo Bokadia is a Chennai based business man. He has been working in the gem and jewellery industry for more than a decade. Right from his school days he used to collect proverbs and quotes from any sources available. He not only collected them as his hobby but he also tried to live by them because he believes more in implementing any ideas than just planning it. His eagerness for knowledge and determination to turn any information into action has contributed to his achievement in any activity he takes part in. Having an economics background, he utilizes all his scarce resources very cautiouRead More...

The First Wisdom for You

Books by Pintoo Bokadia

 There are more than one thousand speech-marks in this book and they can be of much help in changing your perception of life all together in no time.

The quotes are easy to understand and they are my ideal speech marks because of its brilliance and impressive expressions

We all have a fighter in us, this book will help the readers to motivate and encourage themselves in all the aspects of life, every day.

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