Pragadish Kirubakaran and Nikitha Sathi

Pragadish is an author of two books and a former freelance journalist who is focused on building a legacy of mediocrity one day at a time. Though he considers himself a perceptive soul, he is often reminded by his friends that he is neither funny nor very bright, and realization is fast catching up with his reality, so he has taken it upon himself to change that. He wants to radicalize poetry, reinvent the science of flying, disrupt the internet and be the first person to land on Mars. Pragadish is a fun storyteller, but not all of them are true, for instance, some of the misinformation presented in this bio.

Nikitha is the kind of person who would pick dogs over cats (even though she has been rejected by both several times), trees over buildings and wildlife over humanity any day because she thinks civilization is a satire on existence. Apart from bearing the general pain of living as an unamused and cynical ragdoll cat disguised as a person, she spends the rest of her time working as a psychologistin Chennai, where she also lives with her fat dog Sim. She aspires to live in the wilderness one day, away from the din and the drear of urban landscaping and is presently working toward that dream high on memes and low on joy.


Respirinig Ruin

Books by Pragadish Kirubakaran And Nikitha Sathi, Illustrations By Nikitha Sathi.

Tracing a path across an array of human phenomenology, Respiring Ruin is a collection of poems that examine and convey a series of reflections articulating the nature of our existence unabashedly and unapologetically. The intent is to shed some light on the derelict forms of relationships between people and nature. It questions the quality of life we lead with brief appreciation for the simple joys and little pleasures life holds. The core idea is emb

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All the Singing Birds

Books by Pragadish Kirubakaran

All the Singing Birds is the experience of love, loss, violence and enamoured thoughts articulated in the form of poetry. Expressed in a series of reflections of our metamodernist society, the poems trace our relationship with the world and the luminous intensity we share with creatures around us in a blatantly self-satirical fashion. Raw and laden with musings of a strange wandering, it rationalizes our perception of the world, revealing another side to human

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