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Priya Victoria

Priya Victoria was born and raised in the coastal town of Tuticorin, India. She worked as an English teacher for more than a decade. Presently, she works as a Soft Skills Trainer and an English Language Coach. She currently resides in Chennai with her husband and twin daughters. This memoir is her first published work.Read More...

A Daughter's Diary

Books by Priya Victoria Rodrigo

The aggressive elephant threw the old woman into the ditch that ran in front of our house. On hearing the loud roar of the elephant and wails of the old woman and the mahout, all of us rushed to the terrace of our houses to witness this dreadful scene. I closed my face with my fingers when I saw Daddy pull the woman into the compound of our house. 

The same man would stand dumb when his daughter asked him, “Appa, Speak up! Stand up for me!”

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