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Priyanshu Rawat

Public speaker, poet & writer
Public speaker, poet & writer

Priyanshu rawat lives in uttarakhand and this is his first book kasish. In this book he has talked about life of sailors in navy. He has also talked about importance of relationships and different emotions related to it. Priyanshu rawat not only writes in hindi but also, he includes urdu in his writings, which you will also observe in this book.Read More...


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अपने जहाज रिलेशनशिप मे सेलिंग करते हुए प्रत्युष अपने परिवार, दोस्तों और अपनी मोहोब्बत से दूर होने लगा है l एक नहीं बल्कि दो बार प्रत्युष की ज़िन्दगी मे प्यार ने अपनी दस्तक तो दी, मग

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